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Nënë is hitting the road in May and bringing The Big Little Kids’ Market to the Big Smoke! That’s right, the very first edition of Nënë Pop Toronto will take place on Sunday, May 8, 2016 at the *very cool* Gladstone Hotel, located in the heart of Parkdale at 1214 Queen Street West.

Creators / Artists / Makers - now is the time to get your applications in! There is no cost to apply to the show. Please read all the information carefully before submitting before Thursday, March 31 2016 at 12 noon. No stragglers will be accepted after this date and time. We will contact everybody (whether they are accepted or not) no later than April 4, 2016. Our decision will be final.

For this first edition, we are offering 2 types of tables. The second option is to give visibility to Québec artists who can’t make it for the show!

Package 1 - The Full Kit
- $150 (+taxes) for each selected artist
- Price includes: 6 foot table, a chair, room rental, room and table set up, WI-FI, insurance, security, cleaning and take down of room.
- The fees must be paid upon confirmation of participation and are payable via Paypal or in cash before April 8, 2016.

Package 2 - Quebec Represent! (For representation of Québec Artists)
- 25$ (+ taxes) per product + 25% commission on all sales per product
- Price includes: transport of your products, enough space to beautifully display your products on the shared “Made in Québec” tables, and a paid vendor to work the tables and handle all payments (the person will be present at the tables at all times)
- We represent 1 product for $25. The amount of products we will bring to Toronto will be decided with you upon your acceptance. Your item can be represented in different SKUs (for example, if you are selling a dress, you can offer it in different sizes and colours. If you want to sell t-shirts as well, we would charge another $25), as well we would take a 25% representation fee. The money you make will be sent to you by Paypal before May 18, 2016.

- The products you propose are made for the kids / maternity market
- The creations are original and entirely conceived by the artist / company
- Excellence of craftsmanship, look and feel, quality, safety, originality and creativity are evaluated
- Local and non-industrial production process
- The proposed products must be conceived by the artist (no resale)
- No manufacturers, distributors or importers will be accepted
- A new application must be submitted for each Nënë event
- Please note that we try our best to include a wide variety of products from each artist. We also try to curate the show so as not to have direct competition between artists. That is the only reason we would ask an artist for a specific selection of their line.

- A 6 foot table and chair will be available for each participant and ready upon arrival
- Lighting is set up for participants
- On site storage will be available for each participant

- Nënë is not responsable for any lost or broken items during the event
- Nënë is not available for transport of items to and from the event
- Each participant is responsible for the presentation and the sale of their ow products. We strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with apps like Square to accept payments using credit cards (WI-FI is available free of charge)
- Each participant is responsible for their own packaging and bags.


The latest you can apply is Thursday March 31, 2016 at 12 noon.

Please let us know which package you are interested in.
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IMPORTANT - Please send by email to 5 bright and clear images (Minimum size 700 pixels at 72 dpi) showing the products you wish to sell at the Nënë Pop Toronto.
You can choose several options:

Thank you and bonne chance !