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Fun Facts - the Goblin Shark

Sandra Dumais1 Comment

Eek! What the heck is that?! Don't worry, it's just a GOBLIN SHARK, one of the world's strangest looking creatures by far. Look at those teeth! I do admit though, I find him kind of cute? I'm a sucker for a big smile.

These dudes live very deep down - more than 100 metres! - so they pose no threat to us humans - a great quality in a shark! They also have good taste in food - they enjoy feasting on crabs and other deep sea creatures.

This species has been around for more than 125 million years - which is why we also call them "The living fossil". Right click on the image below to print the Fun Fact Colouring Sheet, and scroll down for a picture of the real deal. 


Hope you are having a super smiley week so far!